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La bibliografia di Gerona 2005

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"L'informazione presente nel sito serve a migliorare, e non a sostituire, il rapporto medico-paziente."

Per coloro che hanno problemi di salute si consiglia di consultare sempre il proprio medico curante.

Cambridge World History of Food

Kenneth F. Kiple (Editor), Kriemhild Cone Ornelas (Editor) - 2000

An undertaking without parallel or precedent, this monumental, two-volume work encapsulates much of what is known of the history of food and nutrition throughout the span of human life on earth. It constitutes a vast and essential chapter in the history of human health and culture. Ranging from the eating habits of our prehistoric ancestors to food-related policy issues we face today, this work covers the full spectrum of foods that have been hunted, gathered, cultivated, and domesticated; their nutritional makeup and uses; and their impact on cultures and demography. It offers a geographical perspective on the history and culture of food and drink and takes up subjects from food fads, prejudices, and taboos to quesitons of food toxins, additives, labeling, and entitlements. It culminates in a dictionary that identifies and sketches out brief histories of plant foods mentioned in the text over 1,000 in all and additionally supplies thousands of common names and synonyms for those foods. The essays in this volume are the work of 220 experts in fifteen countries, in fields from agronomy to zoology. Every chapter is accompanied by bibliographical references.

Cambridge University Press

The Anti-Inflammation Zone : Reversing the Silent Epidemic That's Destroying Our Health

Barry Sears - 2005

Dr. Sears most recent research has uncovered a new way to define wellness is the absence of silent inflammation. In this extraordinary new book, Dr. Sears answers critical questions: What is Silent Inflammation? What causes it? How do you know if you have it? Why is it harmful to your health? How you can reduce it?

Harper Collins

The Paleo Diet

Loren Cordain - 2002

Provides the background and basis for the optimally healthful diet. It has been highly praised by researchers, scientists, and readers from all over the world.

Wiley, John & Sons

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